THE Collective

Recently founded in 2010, MEMCO is the result of a large collective of musicians, artists, DJs, performers, sound and lighting engineers. Highly motivated by the same desire to promote electronic music in Morocco, these independent professionals have united their efforts to form your Moroccan Electronic Music Collective.

All the members, with their own personal background, have built their experiences through electronic music. This explains the large scope of skills represented within our collective.

Electronic music has known a great evolution in the world since the early 90s and audiences have been growing ever since however it is yet to become popular within the North African countries.

Welcoming feedback from young Moroccan fans who have recently shown great interest in the Electronic music, our group has won a wide audience by programming more than arround twelve events, including 7 electronic music festivals in the heart of exotic and prestigious locations.

The events surrounding our movement are oriented toward a little world that is yet to be explored. MEMCO offers you access to this new world where dreams and fantasy coexist in perfect harmony with nature and electronic music!

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