SENSUAL SQUEAK (Amplidudes Rec.) CH


Muffled 4/4 beats pounding through the wall from next door might sound like a blanking press working at full throttle. However, this repetitive pattern is only the base for something much more sophisticated: There are all those delicate melodies and intricate rhythms, weightlessly dancing around a mighty pulse of bass… It’s a highly emotional, meaningful and hypnotic experience – it’s Sensual Squeak!

One of the most up-and-coming producers of Sensual Squeak, or let’s call it contemporary Progressive Trance, is Sinan from Switzerland. Being an ardent party-goer since 1999, he starts creating his own vision of high-octane sound in 2005. His punky past as a musician might be a factor- within no time Sinan delivers some serious dance floor bangers, using the moniker Sensual Squeak. Very deep, melodic and with a classic touch of Progressive Trance on the one hand, full of innovative turns and sleek Nu School rhythms on the other, his crisp sound is clearly at the edge of modern production.

Sensual Squeak’s live act becomes a popular stimulant on Progressive floors worldwide, his fluent grooves and arrangements are highly applauded by an ever growing fan base. In 2010 Sinan joins Amplidudes Records, where he sets an important milestone in his musical career: His debut album ‘The Mojo Monkey’. Also his Techno flavoured side-project ‘Unique Repeat’ gains great feedback.

Repetitive but ever-changing, modern but classic: Using his one-of-a-kind formula, Sinan casts a mighty spell on the global Trance scene, supporting it with its most essential drug: Sensual Squeak!

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