The festival will take place at the gate of the Sahara desert, in M’hamid’s region about one hour drive south of Zagora.

The gathering will be held in the heart of a large area surrounded by sand dunes at the foot of the mountains.

This region is famous for its hiking and desert bivouacs located at the heart of a fragile ecosystem.

The region of Zagora, known as The Upper Draa River valley with its green oases (200 km long), consists of six stretches of  palm oases groves from north to south:

The Mezguita oasis, in Agdz,  Auriz localities and at the south of it the Tamsikht dam.
The oasis of Tinzouline, in Ouled Lagraier, Tinzouline, Ouled Yaoub localities and a dam at south of it.
The Ternata oasis in Zagora.
The Fezouata oasis in Tamegroute and south of it the Azagha dam.
The Ktaoua oasis (English Ktawa) in Tagounite, Blida, Tiraf and the Bounou dam south of it.
The oasis of M’hamid el Ghizlane in M’hamid el Ghizlane.

The width of the ‘green zone’ is on an average of three kilometers (varying from 100m to 10 kilometers).

Because of the field, the agriculture is very labour intensive. Dates are the main product, but also cereals, vegetables and henna are cultivated.

You will be amazed by the richness of the site region and its landscape.

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