EDOARDO (Neurobiotic Rec.) IT


Dj Edoardo is Edoardo Marvaso from Italy. He started Neurobiotic Records in 2001, when he released his first compilation called Experience. During the years, the label has gained the reputation of releasing quality music without compromises and has now under his belt more then 25 releases, being some of them milestones in psytrance as Altom – Hologram, Zen Mechanics – Holy cities, Joti Sidhu – NewSensations or Edoardo’s own compilations Neo:Caine and the Neurology series, which tracks has been licensed to many labels worldwide and been played by the most influent djs all around the globe.

Dj Edoardo established himself as one of the main djs in the psychedelic trance scene and has been playing parties almost everywhere in the world – Brazil, Italy, UK, Russia, Canada, South Africa, Japan, Portugal, Australia, New Zealand, New Caledonia, France, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, Spain, Ireland, Germany, Hungary, Bulgaria, Czech Republic and more. He played all the major festivals such as Glade, Glastonbury, Full Moon Festival, Fusion Festival, Shiva Moon, Voov, Ozora, Universo Paralello, Rainbow Serpent, Samothraki, Gaian Mind, Vortex, and he has been the mind behind the trance stage of Sonica festival for its first 3 editions. 2010 will see Edoardo playing at many important festivals such as Mafia Island, Boom, Glade, Aurora, Honueclipse, Eclipse festival in Canada and more.

He also started a new project with Joti Sidhu called “Screenagers”, which first releases will be coming soon on Neurobiotic Records and other important labels. In the last few years Edoardo got also back to his roots, djing techno, tech house and minimal and producing music using his name Edoardo Marvaso, with releases on Tropical Beats and Hamburg Aufnahmen, one of which, called Entonses, reached number 27 in the Beatport minimal chart. His next releases are due on Kasey Taylor’s Evapour8 and on the Italian label 7 oz.

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