The festival appeals to everyone’s responsibility in showing all due respect to the camp and establish a system of ecological organization to maintain an environment that is both precious and fragile.

Indeed the whole organization of the festival and the camp will be based on the notion of ecology and ecosystem preservation in order to safeguard the magic of the place (environmental health, waste sorting with tribal, handing out of empty bins at the entrance, distributing portable ashtrays…)

Prevention in terms of hygiene and cleanliness will be a central concern of the organization and through flyers and displays, any medium will be used in order to ensure the maintenance of the site and its preservation.

Furthermore, on your way to the festival, you will cross a beautiful area surrounded by palm trees and also a natural wild and very fragile environment. Please do your utmost to preserve and respect its integrity.

In any case please do not throw anything in the nature and collect all your polluting items before leaving the camp. Leave the environment behind you as clean as possible.

More details soon!

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