DNI (UltraVision Rec.) BR


D.N.I (Digital Noize Infection), is considered as one of the hardest working Trance artists actually, he released the first album in September 2010 and have already released 3 night fullon compilations and 3 dark compilations under name Endless Euforia and will make tour with presentation of the D.N.I debut album to Brazil, Japan, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Switzerland etc …

D.N.I & Endless Euforia projects are from the incredible talent behind Adolfo Usier, Born in Suzano – Sao Paulo – Brazil, owner and manager of Ultravision Records, he began studying piano with 12 and guitar with 13 years old and met the psychedelic trance at 16 years old… D.N.I music background is heavy metal and old school music like black sabath, the doors, led zeppelin, janis jopplin and much more…
D.N.I Started Produce in April 2006 and since then has not ceased to devote himself entirely to music production.

His Style is a psychedelic mental fullon “hiteck or twilight” totally frenetic, Hard and Dancing….

He played with most know names of psytrance scene like Azax Syndrom, Talamasca, Sesto Sento, Vibe Tribe, Avalon, Ital, Headroom, GMS, Michele Adamsom, Earthling, Bushman, Ephedrix, Perplex, Zorba, Soundaholix, Whicked Hayo , Technodrome, Toxic, rawar, Painkiller, Mubali, Winter Demon, CPU, Brain Hunters, Bliss, A-Team, Digicult, Tryambaka, Xama Circus, Hydraglyph, Delysid, Atma and much much more….
Stay Tuned to this bomb.

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