BOOM SHANKAR (BMSS Rec. | Transition | S.U.N. Festival) DE


Shankar (Sanskrit: शङ्कर), “beneficent” or “conferring happiness” reflects one of the many names for Shiva, one of the 3 main deities in the Indian pantheon. His dance is the rhythm of the world, the beat of the heart, the cycle of day and night. Boom is a term used by the Indian sadhus to partake in the religious consumption of charras and contemplate the cosmic nature and presence of God.

German based Boom Shankar is Dj for Psychedelic Trance, label manager and A&R at BMSS Records and event promoter within Europe.

Having his initiation with the Goa Trance scene in the early nineties and by traveling the globe since then, his sets are a constant mirror of the melting pot situation the Psytrance scene is facing since its origin.

Understanding and living Djing as a mutual form of communication with the dance floor according to “giving and receiving” lead to fantastic feedback on festivals like S.U.N. (Hungary), Fusion (Germany), Ozora (Hungary), Antaris (Germany), Glade (UK), Full Moon (Thailand), Somuna (Switzerland), Hadra Festival (France), Belantara Festival (Malaysia), Timegate (Switzerland), Black Moon (Italy), Transylvania Calling (Romania), Transition (Spain), Earth Garden (Malta), Summer Never Ends (Switzerland), Doof Festival (Israel), Rebirth of the S.U.N. (Israel), Genesis (USA) or on parties in Mexico, Nepal, Cambodia, India and…

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